Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! Happy Hollidays

First let me start off my saying merry christmas. I hope everyone having a great one. When you read this blog and after you comment. Please tell me what you got for christmas gifts. I cannot believe that the year 2007 is omost overwith. Where did the year go? I must have closed my eyes or turned my back for maybe five minutes. But when the year ends and the 2008 begins i'm sure it will be filled with great memories and fun times. I will say that I am very blesed to have such a great family that I have. I am starting to feel what it takes to "share" your ivents and everything that goes along with being engaged. I was really not sure what that intells but you know me... I am not one for change. I guess when you find "THE ONE" It makes it eiser to take it all in. Anways Austin and I we had a busy sechudle during the month of december. We could have filled the whole calander with stuff to do everyday. But the more you do the better you are off...I guess is the way to look at it right? To get everything in we went ahead and celbrated his Mom's and Dad's christmas 2 weeks before christmas. I really love having the spread out...only because it seems like that you a chritmas train......it keeps going and going and...well you get the picture. We went to Simply Founde in Arligton. You talk about amazing food and way to much of it. I wouldn't reccomend this being a every weekend place for the family to attend. But for a fancy one time meal yes! You and your party sits at this table where you have a founde pot. To condince this into a few words. You get to pick your meats and cheeseand your choc. It's def and I quote the goose off of Charollts web. " It's a smorgege bored Then well actualy we opened gifts at His sister in law's house before dinner. That is the sister in law who is due January 23rd. I will be psoting pictures of my gifts that i recived. Our next big christmas was with his Grandparents. Very cute and nice. We ate dinner and opened gifts. Again I will be posting pictures. Then we had OUR family christmas. FUN FUN FUN! We went to travis Avenue for a christmas program "very nice" then we ate dinner at Habauche and having amazing food. I will be posting pictures of that also. The we went to the house and opened gifts. Ihad a very good christmas. With my hope chest witch i recived.My mother gave me a spoon rest that read " I kiss better then I cook" Very funny because I am a great cook. Then today I am in Abiline for his family's christmas. I had a blast. They made me the center of attention and made me say there names. I thought they were kidding but they weren't I sucked. I will come back with more on how this went. God bless to all. I hope everybody has a great holliday

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

About to Mrs.Conder in 523 days!

Our assistant director came to tell us that Mr.Alex came and that Pay roll was here. I Was exicited and said YES because I get off a 6. You know how you look at someone where you didnt quit understand them and you seemed to be puzzled. I said what?!?!? She said please tell me what you said one more time. I repeted myslef and said I told you that I was glad that payroll was here....Because I got off at 6. She looked relived! I said what in the HECk did you think I said. She thought I said that since payroll was here I got to have sex. Which is funny why would i wait for a check to have sex. hahahaha!!! anways!i'm off to bed im so sleepy!!!!

Baby It's Cold Outside...Where's my STARBUCKS?

Okay so I got up this morning and I wanted to crawl back into bed. It was so frezzing that I was going to turn into a igglue. Work went alright. I came home today and made a cassarol.....My pan was to big for the cassarol but it still came out great. Class tonight was good. I didn't feel very good so I was kinda tired. Im glad that tommrow is thursday!! That's my honey's last day for tests!!!!!! I am looking foward to a great nights sleep!!!! have a great night!!! Please comment I would love it!!!

Tim Ducan died and went to Heaven...God showed him the house that he had in heaven. It was really cute a one story house with a white picked fence around the house and a big backyard. Tim Ducan said thank you God I really like it. The next day he was walking around heaven when he saw a house that was 6 stories high with a flag and it had dallas mavericks colors and the logo on the windows. He met God a few hours later. He said God don't get me wrong I am greatful for what you gave me but why does Dirk have a mansion? God said oh you must be mustakin that is my house!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To Grandmothers house we go!

I get to head over to my Patmommies and Grandaddys house for dinner. I came with my dad because he is making a ramp for my granddad. We are having Rice and beans and BBQ wenniers. It's going to be simply wonderful of course....what do you expect when my patmommie makes it. Then I am just go to chill with them for a while. I am kinda tired and I wish my throat would feel better and my nose would on clog!! that's it!!! got to go set the table!!!

How My Day went!?!?!?

This is what my day looks like...or spose to look like anways. I always clock in at 7:00am then I go to help Jessica with Breakfast. I wasen't in there 5 min when I hear this"Ms.Channing Come here!" I walk with The little girl who wanted to fix the porblem. Anways I go over to another little girl to see here coloring a color sheet. While Leanne said" That's mine she took it from me." I said is it hers? The other girl replied with " No it's mine see Ms. Channing!" I saw that she had colored the front picture and the other side was wear she just scribbled. I told Leanne that she had colored the front side so it wasen't hers. She got mad at stomred off but OH WELL. Then I went to Give the kids some Breakfast. Which today was Blue Berry Muffins. I had to take a new bacth out of the oven and start to cut pices for the kids. then I had Aaron....Which we also call him Tooty Booty. He reached up for some milk and breakfast. I tell him what I tell him every morning around this time. You have already had 3rds that's enough pig. Then I had to make my way to the baby roon because Xantra already had 6. Which if you don't work in daycare you don't how how many we can have to one teacher. Which the minum standards tell us that we can have 4 to one teacher and then after we reach the 5th we have to have a 2nd teacher in there. Then after I made my way I had todeal with Kamron crying and wanting his Bottle of Milk. Anways they messed up the room and were hanging out when a guy came to fix our door. This man first walked in I turned to Ms.Baker and said WOW! He looks like Josh Groban!! He was cute. Then He took 6 sec then he was all done. We said thank you so much...YAY no more rags. (we had to have a rag holding our door shut LOL) Then it was lunch time so we had to put all of our 45 babies in the high chair so they could have lunch. which todays lunch was BBQ Wenniers and Mashed potaotes and Apple Sauce and Bread and butter. Which after lunch if over with they have the lunch ALL over them. Then it was time for rest time lights go and and they go to sleep. Then it was peace and quite for awhile. Then about 12:10 Ms.Wendie comes into the room and tells me that I can go on break. I make my way to the front desk and sit there and talk to my boss for my break. Then and 1:10 I clock back in and go to work. then I had to hurry and make juice because they water was going to be turned off. Because the men were working on our toilts. So then about 2:00 I go into the kitchen to make snack. Todays snack was Chesse crackers. I had to make some for Pre-k some for toddlers and then some for the schooerls. About 2:50 The first batch of kids from school came. I have to sign then in on the clip bored when they come. I have to tell them to go get snack and make sure they don't beat eacth other up. Then after 45 of that Ms. Christy comes in after van runs she is there main teacher. I go to the kitchn and clean up and sweep and mop and take out the trash. Then I go clock out. That is my day at Little Tyke!!!!