Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Deep Deep wedding thoughts

Have you ever Looked at a VS website and say "I want to look like that?" Do you really do anything about it? Most of the time you say I will start tommrow! But really when reality sinks in you won't. You tell your slef I really don't want to give up that coke today. Or even worse Excerise??? You really want me to go out side and run? When I could just sit her on my tush and dream about looking like a 2. Easier said that done. I was pondering the honey moon tonight... and thinking how I really would like to be a "knock out" Or rock that Bearly there bikini. When it comes to looking like a 10 I just want it to happen. Let me skip all the eating right and running and just appear hot. I guess I really don't believe in my slef enough to work hard at getting what I want. How hard could it really be. Maybe thats what I will start tommrow. I know I just said that I do that alot. Say it but NEVER do anything about it. If all my life I wanted to "thin" when all it takes is a little work. I know I have it in me or do I? for heavens sake my wedding dress is a 12. That is just plan YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK. So here's a toast to ME! Starting a brand new life tommrow. Say goodbye to Fat me and Hello to future hot bride to be! I hope yall encourage me to keep this up! Yall have a great night!!!!