Thursday, May 1, 2008

Alot of Everything. The way I like it! Random.Wedding bells.

Wedding Bells- Spring is here woahwoah sky is blue! Birds are singing like if they knew.

I have trying to get ALOT of wedding planes planed. Which My Hsuband and to be and I already have the most stressful plan in the BAG!?!? That would be where to have the shindig. Where is the perfect place to be married? Of course at OUR church home. Let's just say if the fire Marhsal happens to come that day.... We will all make a run for it. Because I think we will be filling that place to the max.

The Dress- I fianlly got to order my White long wedding dress. Very Beautiful and verrrrrrrry long. That's about it I cannot spill the beans like my Fiance want's me too! Sorry Austin Nice try though.

Trains- I got stuck by a train today while heading home from My granparents house. they are so slow and big. I just can't stand trains! Sorry Jim I like you though!!!

Mr.Alax- today Our owner came to our Little Tyke today! He shook my hand very sissy like. That's a BIG thing to me! If you are going to shake my hand then I want some strength. Next time I see Alax I will let him know that he ows me a manly handshake.

Friday- Tommrow is Friday and payday!! What would be better than that. Other than Having lunch with Steve nash and Jason Taylor Oh lala! Just kidding I love you Fiance!!!!

Country Music- What is up with all the CRAP that is trying to be passes as REAL country music NO!!!!!!! I like my 2-step my fiddle and the steal guatiar! Keep it Country!!!