Tuesday, August 25, 2009

12 minute meals with Channing Conder

After working a hard day with 7 crying 1 year olds....I am tired and ALL popped out! When having to dedicde what is for dinner....? I never want to put out much effort. Then I relized that we have hamburger helper in a box!!! Things always in boxes are quick....right? Anways it was beef stronoff. I have to say it was pretty Tasty!!! I took a classic side dish and made it my own. tator tots with evoo and 7 different kind of seasoings! ohhhhhhhh myyyyy goooossssshhh!!! They were good and crispy and soooooooooooo tasty!!!!!! I really did a great job :) Then for desert I bought a gallon of Blue Bell Cookies and cream! You don't get ANY better then that. It hit my sweet tooth perfectly! Tonight I am having mom and dad and mema over for dinner! I am fixing Chicken with mash poatoes...and some side! I cannot wait I LOVE mashed poatoes. I am on my break right now at work. Oh btw we also got a blue lazy boy reclyiner from the in laws! Austin loves it. Well I guess that is all for now! Remember that a good and sit down meal is never more then 12 minutes away!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

School is now in session

The time is fianlly here. The school year has begun at BISD. I couldn't wait for summer to end and to start teaching. Not only did I get the chance to be full time....I got to team with Laurie Conder. It just happens to be my Faviorete "sister in law" We have the age group called the Wobblers. Which they are called that because they are learning to walk. Usally we have older ones...or that's what they have had in the past. This year for some reason they gave us itty bitty babies. They have just made the move from infant room to our room. Half the babies we have this year, was in the new born class last year. That should tell you how young they are. We have 6 little boys and one precious little girl. They are a bundle to have! They are so adorable to wacth and grow. We have a great time spending our time with them. I also got made offical the other day at work they finally gave a cubby to me with my name on it! I love my new job it's wonderful. I also got a new work email address! cconder@burlesonisd.net so send me an email! hope everyone has a good summer!! Moriah I hope you love ur new job!