Thursday, December 3, 2009

Everything you need to know in 90 sec....BUT first

It has been to long since my last blog. Here is everything in a nut shell.....are you ready? On a little side note when I said that.....are you ready? I thought of the Generation X (WWE) Anways that made me sound like a bigger nerd than I already am. Thanksgiving was wonderful and great. Not only did we have all the family together....actuall not (ALL) the family but close. Also we had a few vistors John's Brother and Nephew and his Girlfriend. Also we had Phyllis and Gary from down the street. It was really great to have all of them join us. Of course we had the "typical" Stewards tear feast of what you are thinkful for. I'm def not saying crying is a bad thing at all. The Stewards we are known for that. Which is great to see we are that close. Anways mom made rolls!!!! They were amazing, wonderful. great, awesome, yummy. Austin said they need their own food group! I asked him what food group would that be? He said something like "MAN theses are great!!!!!!" We also had an intresting week with Pat mommy and Granddaddy. To make a long story short they are doing GREAT now!!! Dad is doing quit well. He was told to gain weight and eat more food. I told him he get's all the easy jobs. He looks really well and is still in high sprits. We just need to thank God for that!!! Another wonderful bit of information my mom got a new job! She will be working for a Lawyer down town FW. Less hours and about the same pay. That is another Blessing. I also still have the same job but with a different teacher. I am now the assistant toddler teacher to Melissa in the 2's. It's great we have 9 two year olds and they are a handful. I also never blogged and mentioned that I will be having another neice. Brady Lynn!!!!! I guess girls just run in our family (lol) I cannot wait for that. Bevin is looking so cute and prego with her little belly. Christmas is coming up soon! I was so happy and shocked to see the snow!!!! I could't believe my eyes the other day. We bought our first christmas tree! Of course we decorated it with Mavericks colors. I will post pictures soon. That all for now I guess take luuuucccckkk!! Love ya!!!

Channing Conder

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

12 minute meals with Channing Conder

After working a hard day with 7 crying 1 year olds....I am tired and ALL popped out! When having to dedicde what is for dinner....? I never want to put out much effort. Then I relized that we have hamburger helper in a box!!! Things always in boxes are quick....right? Anways it was beef stronoff. I have to say it was pretty Tasty!!! I took a classic side dish and made it my own. tator tots with evoo and 7 different kind of seasoings! ohhhhhhhh myyyyy goooossssshhh!!! They were good and crispy and soooooooooooo tasty!!!!!! I really did a great job :) Then for desert I bought a gallon of Blue Bell Cookies and cream! You don't get ANY better then that. It hit my sweet tooth perfectly! Tonight I am having mom and dad and mema over for dinner! I am fixing Chicken with mash poatoes...and some side! I cannot wait I LOVE mashed poatoes. I am on my break right now at work. Oh btw we also got a blue lazy boy reclyiner from the in laws! Austin loves it. Well I guess that is all for now! Remember that a good and sit down meal is never more then 12 minutes away!!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

School is now in session

The time is fianlly here. The school year has begun at BISD. I couldn't wait for summer to end and to start teaching. Not only did I get the chance to be full time....I got to team with Laurie Conder. It just happens to be my Faviorete "sister in law" We have the age group called the Wobblers. Which they are called that because they are learning to walk. Usally we have older ones...or that's what they have had in the past. This year for some reason they gave us itty bitty babies. They have just made the move from infant room to our room. Half the babies we have this year, was in the new born class last year. That should tell you how young they are. We have 6 little boys and one precious little girl. They are a bundle to have! They are so adorable to wacth and grow. We have a great time spending our time with them. I also got made offical the other day at work they finally gave a cubby to me with my name on it! I love my new job it's wonderful. I also got a new work email address! so send me an email! hope everyone has a good summer!! Moriah I hope you love ur new job!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh the Married life! What a wounderful life it is <3

Friends and family! Sorry I am so late updating my blog. I have so much to say so here it goes. I am married now! Actually ONE month today. I can hardly believe that it has gone that fast. I had the most pefect wedding ever. it went of with out a hitch. I have to say that non of this would have been possible without the MOST outstanding wedding party in the world. They were by my side for what ever reason all the time. I picked the best.

Jessica Powers-m.o.h ( which her last name will change in March!!!) She is my bestfriend

Laurie Conder- my sister in law/team teacher for next year!!!

Allison Carriger- my cousin (who just got married in Feb)

Kara Steward- My other cousin who is just great.

Moriah farmer- my Older sister she did so much to make this wedding wonderful.

Last but surly not least.

Bevin Williams- my other Big sister. Who helped out alot also.

They made "My" day so amazing.


I wore RED pumps. My dress was simple but perfect! We had fun fun fun music. Specially the LAST song. We used Shout!!! It was great everyone danced and had a ball. Dan Boggs married us. Who he is a great friend of the family. The grooms cake was dallas mavericks of course! The best part was the dancing dirk. My Husband hid a pair of dallas mavs boxers under my dress. I didn't cry boo yaa! We also had a little joke played on me! See Austin didn't ask my dad for my hand in at the start of the wedding...He got down on one knee and asked my dad. Funny very cute. OUR parents were AMAZING they did an amzing job!!!! Our car was covered in funny messeges! Like Just farted...:) and my so kind brother in law Put texas Tech! That was funny! Lots of shoe pollish! It was a great time. BTW sara Mcoy caught the boquet!!!!!!!! The wedding was wonderful I love being married and Living with my BEST FRIEND!!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Deep Deep wedding thoughts

Have you ever Looked at a VS website and say "I want to look like that?" Do you really do anything about it? Most of the time you say I will start tommrow! But really when reality sinks in you won't. You tell your slef I really don't want to give up that coke today. Or even worse Excerise??? You really want me to go out side and run? When I could just sit her on my tush and dream about looking like a 2. Easier said that done. I was pondering the honey moon tonight... and thinking how I really would like to be a "knock out" Or rock that Bearly there bikini. When it comes to looking like a 10 I just want it to happen. Let me skip all the eating right and running and just appear hot. I guess I really don't believe in my slef enough to work hard at getting what I want. How hard could it really be. Maybe thats what I will start tommrow. I know I just said that I do that alot. Say it but NEVER do anything about it. If all my life I wanted to "thin" when all it takes is a little work. I know I have it in me or do I? for heavens sake my wedding dress is a 12. That is just plan YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK. So here's a toast to ME! Starting a brand new life tommrow. Say goodbye to Fat me and Hello to future hot bride to be! I hope yall encourage me to keep this up! Yall have a great night!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wedding Cake 1

French Vanilla Icing. The cake just plane white.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ThanksGiving In ACU Town. Home of the Siggies!

Friends Familes and Loves ones
Thanksgiving this year is at Austins Grandparents house in Abliene. It is very neat to be back where I wacthed alot happening with my sisters. I get to see the family that I will be entering soon! They are a great bunch of people. We will be having great food and all you can eat desserts. Also we will be having Christmas!!!! That is always good. We got to take my new Girl out for her first roadtrip. She is doing well. I hope everybody will have the best thanksgiving they can have!!!!! I love yall God Bless. Eat lots of Turkey.

Channing- " is it wrong to take the Bible from the hotel room?"
Shelia- " No You can't take the Gidden Bible!" That makes the Giddens MAD LOL!!!!!!!