Saturday, March 15, 2008


I went with my parents to.....draw blood I guess is the term. You should seen how my dad drew the blood it was very first grade like...(lol) It look maybe 4 minutes it was very short. But in the time it took them to get that done I was talking to Sara Bruce. She came in very strange place for us to meet. But it was good to converse with her. She told me that her Oldest son Ben was heading to Fulkner in the Spring. Then we went to me me's and had breakfast. Very good yum yum. I had a blegin waffles. I usally don't eat breakfast but it was great. Then we went to sams and shopped. At 12 my mom and I are going to bed pedacures (my treat) Kinda like treating ourselves after a long hard work week. Last tonight my Austin and I are going to BILLY BOBS. To see Clay Walker. I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER exicted. I <3 Clay!!!!! Hope yall all have a great weekend.

Billy Bob cried.....becuase that what Billy Bob does. Tweeter drinked beer.....well because tweeter drinks beer. that statue stayed there......only because it was to heavy to move. Lance found his job as a coach. and I now am a graduate of Brown UNV. And The coach never coached again.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I call this a updated blog!!!

Good Evening yall! I just have to say that it's been way to long since my last post. How was everybodys day? I had a fairly good day at the daycare. As everybody know or maybe not? My hourse got moved and bumped and shifted some what! I now work 11-6..... I call it shhhhhhhhhhhift work a big o pile of sssssssssssssshift work. Anways I love my kiddos!!! I have been driving alot so that's fabulous. Oh and by the way Austin and I have reched 2 years last thursday!!!! I have the gift on he bought me. A very simple silver ring with a cross on it. I have to tell you the funniest thing that Austin and I did while searching for the ring I wanted. The ring with the cross on it is known as a "purity ring" so we just did a random search for ring like that. Some were 12 dollars and there was a couple for 600 big ones. Austin looked at that price and said WOW!!! they don't want you to have sex for a long time cause that's alot of money ( lol) He just thinks he is so funny. Most of the time he is!!!! Next sunday will be my Girls last signing practice! They are going to go a great job and bring home the gold!!!! I love yall Alli and Alanah! Well good night!! Sweet Dreams!!!!!