Thursday, December 3, 2009

Everything you need to know in 90 sec....BUT first

It has been to long since my last blog. Here is everything in a nut shell.....are you ready? On a little side note when I said that.....are you ready? I thought of the Generation X (WWE) Anways that made me sound like a bigger nerd than I already am. Thanksgiving was wonderful and great. Not only did we have all the family together....actuall not (ALL) the family but close. Also we had a few vistors John's Brother and Nephew and his Girlfriend. Also we had Phyllis and Gary from down the street. It was really great to have all of them join us. Of course we had the "typical" Stewards tear feast of what you are thinkful for. I'm def not saying crying is a bad thing at all. The Stewards we are known for that. Which is great to see we are that close. Anways mom made rolls!!!! They were amazing, wonderful. great, awesome, yummy. Austin said they need their own food group! I asked him what food group would that be? He said something like "MAN theses are great!!!!!!" We also had an intresting week with Pat mommy and Granddaddy. To make a long story short they are doing GREAT now!!! Dad is doing quit well. He was told to gain weight and eat more food. I told him he get's all the easy jobs. He looks really well and is still in high sprits. We just need to thank God for that!!! Another wonderful bit of information my mom got a new job! She will be working for a Lawyer down town FW. Less hours and about the same pay. That is another Blessing. I also still have the same job but with a different teacher. I am now the assistant toddler teacher to Melissa in the 2's. It's great we have 9 two year olds and they are a handful. I also never blogged and mentioned that I will be having another neice. Brady Lynn!!!!! I guess girls just run in our family (lol) I cannot wait for that. Bevin is looking so cute and prego with her little belly. Christmas is coming up soon! I was so happy and shocked to see the snow!!!! I could't believe my eyes the other day. We bought our first christmas tree! Of course we decorated it with Mavericks colors. I will post pictures soon. That all for now I guess take luuuucccckkk!! Love ya!!!

Channing Conder

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